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Sofa from Italy, based near Miami, Florida, provides a combination of elegant contemporary design and practical function that maximizes space in the living area of your home. The finest manufacturers of Italian hand-crafted leather and fabric sofas, sofa beds, and sectionals are all available here, with attention to impeccable quality and innovative design, from the framework to the finished product.

There are so many fine sofas, sofa beds and sectionals at Sofas from Italy that your only problem will be deciding which one to take home!


Our Brands

Premium sofas, sofa beds and sectional styles are available from Respace, an Italian company that combines ergonomic function, top-quality durable construction, and a variety of fine leather and fabric colors and finishes to create your perfect living room! Sofa beds have the appearance of elegant couches, then unfold with ergonomic one-hand operation to provide a full or queen-sized guest space when you need it. Sectionals have universal configuration to allow you to create the shape that best fits your room, and brackets to hold sections together. Respace sofas are luxuriously comfortable, with goose feathers over memory foam seats that hug your body and give you a soothing place to unwind!

This collection features two contemporary sofas and a sectional sofa with chaise, all with patterned throw pillows to complement the sofa color. The neutral sofa shades provide options to change out the pillows for seasons and holidays to add spice to your home décor! From soft and soothing to dramatic and bold, there’s a Saloni sofa for you! Each sofa is ergonomically designed with rounded corners and angled frame, so people can lean back and enjoy full back support and cushioned comfort. The seats are designed with memory foam seats that hug the body and won’t deform with time. All Saloni products are manufactured with ecologically conscious processes that use carcinogen-free, eco-safe glues, dyes, and fabrics to ensure that they support your family’s healthy and happy home.

Castello has been established in 2005 as a small company, but very early makes its way in the market with production of chairs and sofas setting a guideline of its success: producing high quality products, using the more advanced technologies, the love and experience of handmade products, searching for excellent raw materials and proposing innovative designs is the basis of success. It is also based on the various range of models which are available in most of the refined, elegant fabrics and finest leathers.

The first thing that you encounter on a sofa is the seat. This is, in fact the part of the sofa, which is more subject to wear, and we give to it the unique comfort, which characterizes our sofas during the years. Castello fulfills all requirements proposing different types of cushions in order to meet any kind of necessity customers may have.

The extraordinary comfort of Castello sofas are made possible, thanks to a careful searching of high quality materials, and, to a scrupulous planning and construction of comfort because each cushion must give the best result of durability, softness and elasticity. In addition to the standard upholstery made of polyurethane foam of feather, Castello has available for some models other 3 new types of comfort.

long lasting comfort springs
Long Lasting
Coil Springs Inside

Long Lasting Comfort

This is the new exclusive pocket spring system made by Castello. The system is created with steel springs packed one by one surrounded by a layer of polyurethane coated with muffled folder. This pocket spring system keeps the cushion compact, the leather in tension to avoid loosening and guarantees a compression, which lasts even after many years of usage

dual density density
Dual Density

Dual Density Comfort

More feeling with the sofa is guaranteed by the double density cushions. Two layers of different foam density gives the seat cushion the incomparable comfort, which meets all you comfort requirements.

mempry foam memory foam
Memory Foam

Memory Foam Comfort

Memory foam is an innovative material, which assumes your body shape, and keeps it long lasting in time. Due to its sensitivity to warm temperatures and the use of polyurethane foam, it changes shape very quickly and resumes itself after a few seconds when we leave. Castello cushions having this kind of foam are made of variable density polyurethane foam with on top a layer of higher density memory foam of gradual release.

Reclining Headrest
Sitting Too Flat
Back Too Inclined
Seat Suggested
When the seat is parallel to the floor the back for reasons of convenience tends to leave inclination to the back: the body weight tends to lean forward. Following this, your back loses support where kidneys are situated, forcing the body to sustain itself with legs muscles.Either if there is a feeling of comfort, your abdominals are working for the pushing forward of your body. After a couple of minutes, the initial sensation of pleasure disappears and, especially in older people, it becomes more difficult to get up.The seat and backrest should have a slight backward tilt, allowing your body to be equally distributed on the entire surface of your legs and seat permitting also a good lumbar support. Your arms should have a good support in order to not create tensions.